About Us

Designer Bio:


Tash Drake


Hey, I'm Tash. I love to designing, creating and in my free time baking up a storm of cupcakes. I just finished my university studies and my main focus is on developing my graphic design and photography skills.


my Approach

My philosophy is always to do what's best for the client. Which is YOU! If you have specific themes, ideas or creative needs that need to be met, I will do everything I can to ensure it is achieved no matter the design. My approach is always to be the most creative I can possibly be and as I learn grow on the technical skills of design I have.

my Story

I started designing was in high school and although it wasn't my passion at the time it was something I have always done and loved so much. One day in 2015 I was asked to do a book teaser for a friend and it's grown from there to what it is now.